Guidelines and Rules You Must Follow before Making Basement Bedroom

Guidelines and Rules You Must Follow before Making Basement Bedroom – Thinking about having basement bedroom is actually a good thing especially if you really have nice space down there. You will also get boosted house value with such kind of additional room. However, to have bedroom in the basement means that you need to follow some rules. And below, you’re going to learn about them.

The Importance of the Access

The temptation of having living space in the basement surely is quite great as you know that it will improve the value of your house. However, there’s some kind of code you need to follow and it’s related for your own safety later on. To have basement bedrooms means that you need to pay attention to the access to get in and out of the basement area. Surely, the first step you need to do is to check the local building codes. Ask your local code authority about your intention to have bedroom in your basement and then you can see the guideline on how to do it properly and safely. One of the codes you’ll need to follow, like what’s been stated before, is about the emergency exit and rescue openings. Remember that it’s for your own good in case emergency condition really happens.

Requirements for the Egress

Now that you have known about the code and also the importance of the access, it’s time for you to learn about the requirements you need to fulfill for your basement bedroom egress. And those requirements include how the minimum width of the window should be 20 inches at the least. As for the height, it needs to be more than 24 inches. Then, related to the net clear opening of the window, it should about 5.7 square feet at the least. If you don’t know about what a net clear opening actually is, it’s essentially related to the actual opening in the window area where a person can crawl. And lastly, the height of the sill must not be higher than 44 inches and you need to measure it from the floor.

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