Which Bathroom Hand Dryer Should You Choose? Let’s Get to Know about It More!

Which Bathroom Hand Dryer Should You Choose? Let’s Get to Know about It More!

Placing hand dryer in your bathroom can surely improve the greatness of the room. You can expect more cleanliness for yourself with this kind of electronic device. However, you may find it rather confusing when you’re going to buy the hand dryer because there are quite several types you can find on the market. Which one should you choose? Learn more about them so it will be easier for you to make your choice.

Traditional Hand Dryer

You’ll find a button that you need to push if you want to use this bathroom hand dryer. Then, hot air will blow out of the hand dryer. Normally, it will need about 30 – 45 seconds for this kind of hand dryer to dry your hands. The greatest benefit about choosing this kind of hand dryer is the fact that it’s really affordable. Just try to compare this kind of hand dryer with the other types. You’ll see that the traditional ones are the cheapest. However, you may not feel glad about how slow the hand dryer to work in drying your hands. Not to mention, it’s quite troublesome to push the button anytime you want to use it.

High-speed Hand Dryer

To be honest, this kind of hand dryer is similar to the previous one. It has button too but it definitely is capable of working a lot much faster than the traditional hand dryer. It only takes 10 – 15 seconds to completely dry your hands. However, you need to be prepared to pay quite more since the price is definitely more expensive than traditional bathroom hand dryers. And please notice that this type of hand dryer might also be too loud for you.

Automatic Hand Dryer

Alright, finally, there’s bathroom hand dryers electric which don’t need you to push any button to make it work. All you need to do is just to put your hands under the dryer. The sensor will detect it and then hot air will blow. This kind of hand dryer is assumed to be more sanitary because you don’t need to touch anything from the hand dryer to make it work. It’s also claimed to be energy efficient. Nonetheless, by considering all of those features, it’s only normal for this hand dryer to cost quite higher.

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