Decorative Woodwool for House Studio Design

If you are searching for a decoration to improve the beauty of both your home or studio, TRAULLIT, the only manufacturer of woodwool cement board in Sweden has the answer as this provider introduces its new product which is eco-friendly. This hexagonal formed material seems appealing and quite straightforward however the effect of its use is wonderful. Hexagon is woodwool cement board painted with vibrant coloration including orange and it is glued about the wall which can serve as the adornment of your wall to be able to stop it from becoming so plain. These hexagonal discs are created from cutted wood slivers which are mixed with h2o and cement prior to moulding it into form. The product is sound absorbant, a top quality which is completely necessary for any studio in reducing the echo produced from musical instruments. So what are you currently waiting for then?

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